Whistling around by the seashore on a Tuesday sunset….

Secret 7” s (charcoal pencils)

by  Stuart Whitton 

Check it out:  'Here comes the beast'


What happens if a song disappears forever? What if instead of a song it was the endangered Sumatran tiger? 

Our National Zoo teamed up with portugaltheman to create a limited edition record that will go extinct if it doesn’t reproduce. 

There are only 400 Sumatran tigers left in the wild. Reblog to spread the message and learn how you can help.

CCB: Cotton Candy over Belém…

Centro Cultural de Belém, Lisboa


Landscape suicide

Lynchean style

The Two of Us….on a rainy, misty-alike day…

(Source: youtube.com)

Under the In Cover effect…

The poetics of gaze?!

Stills from La Jetée by Chris Marker

Delicacy dressed in pink….

(via: パリと骨董: 小春日和  Lic: CC BY-NC-ND 2.1 JP)

From F&SF..The Last Canticle…

(source: sfcovers.net )

Yes, sweetheart…you’re born Fashion Wise too…

(via 1950s graphic art)

Natten on the Disco Anticimex frequency….